My name is Rebecca Garoutte. I am a 41 year old wife, mother, and full time student. My battle with obesity began in my early twenties. The weight just kept coming on faster and faster. Since my youngest is nearing his 17th birthday, I was feeling a bit ridiculous saying it was still "baby weight". Not to mention that nearly 100 pounds of excess weight is a bit much for that! I was in a nonstop battle with depression, arthritis, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, not to mention several other weight related issues. As a family, we had to plan our activities around what I could do or not do- would I fit in the seats, could I handle the heat or exertion?

In March of 2005, my parents approached me with serious concerns about my overall health and weight. A friend of theirs had undergone the LAPBAND procedure with great success. They were willing to help in whatever way I needed, including paying for surgery if my insurance would not. I began to research my options and started looking for a doctor. I found a seminar that Dr. Lopez was speaking at. After listening to what he had to say, watching him relate with others considering surgery and speaking with him personally, I was certain that he was who I wanted to do my surgery.

July 6, 2005, at 249 pounds and a BMI of 39, I was banded. I am just over a year out from surgery and my life has totally changed. Of course, I have lost weight, nearly 70 pounds now with more to go. But more importantly, I have energy, the sleep apnea is gone, I rarely have any problem with arthritis, the blood pressure is down and my depression is much improved. Before the surgery I had to admit that I was a food addict. I now have the control I need to overcome this addiction. Even my thought processes about physical activity has changed. I look for opportunities to take the long route, make the extra trip up the stairs, etc. My taste in foods have changed and I actually have healthy desires and choose good things!

The sense of success, control and accomplishment that I have gained while loosing the weight has enabled my to start on a whole new path in life. I have stated a support group for those who have had the LAPBAND procedure and I will be back in school for the first time in more than 20 years this fall.

Dr. Lopez has been such a constant support through this process. His personal care style has greatly contributed to my success. I now know that with the right tools and support, I can do anything- and I am ready to do it!

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