My name is Lisa, I am a 38 year old mother of 4. I am have also been a registered nurse for almost 15 years. I chose the lapband because it was the safest most logical way to assist me in my battle with obesity. Since I reached my early thirties and after the birth of my youngest child it seemed impossible to lose weight and each year I gained about 5-10 pounds. With my active life style between my family and working full time I tended to binge eat or make unhealthy choices. With a strong negative cardaic family history and other health related issues i knew i had to find a tool that would assist me in my goals to became a more healthy mother, wife and nurse. Thus far I have been very successful with the lapband tool by losing 42 lbs and not feeling like i am deprived when it comes to eating. In my family eating is a social event. I can still enjoy it just on a smaller more realistic scale and now I can really taste and enjoy the meal. It's amazing how satisfing a meal can be when you actually take the time to enjoy it.

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