My name is Iris, my starting weight was 343. This was after losing a bit on my own. After four children and years of emotional eating I weighed well over 350 lbs. easy. I never got an acurate weight as my chart was always marked 350 and a few ++ (plus) signs followed by exclamation points. After the hubby was ordered to go to Iraq..... It was important to me to be around for the kids in case he never made it back home. I could not do it at my current weight. I was always tired and could never breathe. I was always depressed and just unhappy. I am also a pastor and If I could not lead my congregation due to my weight.... who has the issue?

So, I began my research for the most healthy and safe weight loss procedure. For me, it was the Lap-Band! I won't tell how much I've lost but I will say that I gone from a tight size 34Wtoa 24W! In less than a year! The question has always been asked..." Would you do it all again?". My answer is...." In a heartbeat". The procedure was quick and my pain was minimal as I am a wuss. I was well informed due to my research and I could not have had a better surgeon. Dr. Lopez is caring and is concerned about me. The Lord blessed Him to be a part of my life and I am thankful for his expertise.

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