My name is David and Doctor Lopez did my Lap Band procedure in October of 2005.

At the time of my operation I weighed 344.9 pounds. As of July of 2006 I weigh 299.3 pounds for a total loss of 45.6 pounds. Ha Ha, I am under that magical 300 number and still going.

I have been averaging around four to five pounds a month and am very pleased. Due to this slower type of loss, I am not having a lot of extra skin show up.

Doctor Lopez, Ginger, and Tammy are excellent. They are caring and helpful. You almost get to thinking of them as part of your family. They are very easy to talk to and with. They always seem to have time to talk to you and don't seem rushed.

My wife had the gastric by-pass surgery and has had many problems due to it and the change to her bodily functions. I have had no problems due to the lap band. I HATE needles, but the fills have given me no problems. I refuse to look when they do it and it feels no differently that a shot in the arm. Prior to surgery, that had been one of my biggest concerns.

By the way, I have found nothing that I cannot eat that I ate prior to the surgery. I just eat less. I can even have chocolate. Whoopeeeeee!!! Now, I do control my indulgence of it.

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